Re-habiting the working out loud habit: What I am working on this week #wolweek

It is International Working Out Loud week. Which is serendipitous, as it coincides with my usual routine of a) having a lot of half-baked ideas about how to tweak the course I teach that begins in January (#msloc430) and b) waiting until the last possible moment to put it all together. So here we go […]

Proto. Type.

So rather than over-thinking, I’ve tried to opt for do-ing. Small steps. But is up. I let CogDog be the guide, set up the syndicated category hierarchy, installed the FeedWordPress plugin and let it rip. Bingo. Syn-dication. Really this is just messing around. But lately I’m beginning to understand the value of iterating – […]

Warming up to the official start of #msloc430 Working Out Loud Week May 4-10

I’ll be here, narrating some of my own work and thoughts on this effort as we go through the week ahead. But we’re already witnessing the kind of experimentation that a short-burst work-out-loud event seems to inspire – both on Twitter and within our graduate program’s private enterprise social network. And what can happen when […]

An #msloc430 Working Out Loud Week May 4-10

We’re experimenting. May 4-10 will be working-out-loud week for graduate students in MSLOC 430, the course I teach covering enterprise social networks, work and learning. On Twitter, watch the #msloc430 #wol hashtags. Here’s how we’re set up. The main topics The course is part of the Master’s Program in Learning and Organizational Change at Northwestern […]