A new open experiment: msloc430.net

We’re officially live at msloc430.net. See this blog’s MSLOC 430 category for previous updates on work-in-progress and some history of the course I teach at the Master’s Program in Learning and Organizational Change at Northwestern University. My current experiment is the second iteration of trying to create an open section of the campus-based course. Classes […]

Day 1 #wolweek reflections: Idea selection in a project-based innovation course

My goal for this year’s International Working-Out-Loud week is to make some headway on MSLOC 430, the course I will be co-teaching in January. Today’s workday ended up being dedicated elsewhere. But it ended on an interesting note. We are a little more than 2 weeks away from the end of our academic quarter and […]

Re-habiting the working out loud habit: What I am working on this week #wolweek

It is International Working Out Loud week. Which is serendipitous, as it coincides with my usual routine of a) having a lot of half-baked ideas about how to tweak the course I teach that begins in January (#msloc430) and b) waiting until the last possible moment to put it all together. So here we go […]