Re-habiting the working out loud habit: What I am working on this week #wolweek

It is International Working Out Loud week. Which is serendipitous, as it coincides with my usual routine of a) having a lot of half-baked ideas about how to tweak the course I teach that begins in January (#msloc430) and b) waiting until the last possible moment to put it all together. So here we go […]

If enterprise social networks might help us remake organizational learning, what is our pedagogy?

In Why Start with Pedagogy 4 Good Reasons, 4 Good Solutions, Cathy Davidson writes: “If your goal is equality in a world where inequality is structural and violent and pervasive, you can at least start with your classroom as a place in which to model a better way…Be an activist in the realm where you […]

You don’t need to read this. I’m really just writing for myself.

My post Working Out Loud Week Lesson: Ignore the Network apparently struck a chord. And what’s most interesting to me is that it did so among people whose work I truly admire. They’ve reminded me of what’s really important about this “out loud” process. And where working out loud may be falling short. In the […]

Working out loud week lesson: Ignore the network

I am still reflecting on the experience of the #msloc430 working out loudĀ  week. Yes, this definitely was one of those let’s-just-do-this-and-see-what-happens events. But I am beginning to see lessons. One lesson is – ignore the network. Or put another way: It’s ok to chat up the fire hydrant. This is counter-intuitive. But I think […]