Opening up my course on enterprise knowledge sharing #msloc430

I teach a course on enterprise knowledge sharing for the Master’s Program in Learning and Organizational Change at Northwestern University – MSLOC 430 – in the Winter and Spring quarters (January – March, March – June). For the past two years I have used class blog assignments and Twitter chats to create a tiny bit […]

At a pub with 2,000 of your closest friends

Earlier this week I jumped into two Twitter chats that were happening simultaneously. One is an on-going reunion of participants from #etmooc. The other is part of a new, school-year-long professional development forum called Open Online Experience 2013 (#ooe13), a venture that also grew out of the #etmooc community. That #etmooc connection between the two […]

Personal learning networks – notes and resources

Some thoughts and partial thoughts as I work through a collection of readings and resources on personal learning networks (PLNs) as they apply broadly to professionals and learners of all types. These readings will be part of Exploring PLNs: Practical Issues for Organizations, an open online seminar I will be co-facilitating this Fall. Alison Seaman […]