Personal learning networks – notes and resources

Some thoughts and partial thoughts as I work through a collection of readings and resources on personal learning networks (PLNs) as they apply broadly to professionals and learners of all types. These readings will be part of Exploring PLNs: Practical Issues for Organizations, an open online seminar I will be co-facilitating this Fall. Alison Seaman […]

Hand-crafting a greater role for personal learning networks

Personal learning networks should deepen our humanity. That’s a half-baked idea, but I think it starts to get at something that has emerged in a few recent conversations I’ve had with a good friend. This all starts because personal learning networks (PLNs) and their impact within workplaces and education spaces raises a set of questions […]

#MSLOC430 personal learning networks

A new academic quarter has just begun and my graduate course MSLOC 430 kicked off last night. 430 focuses on knowledge sharing within organizational settings, but increasingly I have been incorporating more activities and content related to personal learning networks and general digital literacy. Students are all working professionals and share a common interest in […]