Why I’m bothered by ‘solving real-world problems with MOOCs’

I read A New Use for MOOCs: Real-World Problem Solving with interest on many levels: pedagogy, innovative partnerships, leveraging massive groups of people in novel ways. A lot is to be said for the work being done by Zafrin Nurmohamed and Nabeel Gillani and their organization, Coursolve. Coursolve is designed to connect organizations (including not-for-profits) […]

‘Where are’ vs. ‘who are’ the professors. Thoughts on Google Hangouts and #edcmooc

I am catching up on some of the readings and work associated with E-Learning and Digital Cultures and just viewed the recorded version of the end-of-the-week Google Hangout (below) hosted by the organizers of this Coursera course. I wanted to take a moment to comment on my experience – and my aha’s about Hangouts as […]