Real (digital) conversation at a virtual water cooler

This is a short blog item I posted to our new internal community at the Master's Program in Learning & Organizational Change at Northwestern University (MSLOC). The "water cooler" references a section of the community where all the participants can engage more informally, outside of structured classes. This has become one of my favorite new … Continue reading Real (digital) conversation at a virtual water cooler

Seeing the sense-making dance

"Artefacts without participation do not carry their own meaning; and participation without artefacts is fleeting, unanchored and uncoordinated." - Etienne Wenger in “Communities of Practice and Social Learning Systems: the Career of a Concept” in Social Learning Systems and Communities of Practice, 2010. (Chris Blackmore, ed.). It is the beginning of the third week of … Continue reading Seeing the sense-making dance

Collective learning

This week's topic in the Change11 MOOC -- collective learning -- captures my attention because it taps into a long-running conversation I've been having (primarily with my colleagues) about re-imagining the practice of learning & development and knowledge management. And along with that: teaching in higher education. It's timely also because I'll be talking about … Continue reading Collective learning