Experimenting with cMOOC design and facilitation: The continuing story started by #ETMOOC

I had the good fortune earlier this week to be invited to participate in a Google Hangout to explore the story of ETMOOC, a connectivist MOOC initiated in 2013 by Alec Couros, a professor of educational technology at the University of Regina in Saskatchewan, Canada.

The Hangout was a part of Week 5 of Connected Courses – a week dedicated to the topic of co-learning. Connected Courses is a rich resource for anyone thinking about networked learning, and working toward creating courses in the spirit set by the facilitators and thought leaders it has drawn together.

The ETMOOC Hangout was set up as simply “The Story of ETMOOC – a reflection from Alec and some participants on was has turned out to be a transformative event. Some great context-setting for the Hangout and reflection on the results can be read in blog posts by Paul Signorelli: Learning when no one is at the center of the room and Co-learning and keeping the lights on. Rhonda Jessen also set the stage in her excellent post: It’s always about the people.

Lots to learn from in the discussion during this video.

But what struck me most were the stories of innovation spawned by ETMOOC. Each one of us – and I know there are many more – told stories of how we have experimented with various lessons learned from our experience in 2013. And I know each of us, in turn, has inspired others to do the same.

I am continually amazed by this.


2 thoughts on “Experimenting with cMOOC design and facilitation: The continuing story started by #ETMOOC

  1. Jeff:
    Was obviously delighted to have the chance to be with you and others from #etmooc (the Educational Technology & Media massive open online course) during that session, and remain grateful for your own part in building upon what we learned through your efforts to design and facilitate the Exploring Personal Learning Networks MOOC (#xplrpln). There’s a wonderfully direct line to be drawn from #etmooc to #xplorpln to #olcmooc (the Open Learning and Content MOOC) and now to the Connected Courses (#ccourses) MOOC, with plenty of wonderful side paths to be explored, as our colleagues in other connectivist MOOCs are noting. Looking forward to seeing how our informal cohort of MOOC participants continues to evolve. collaborate, and have positive effects on the world of training-teaching-learning..

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