May 20 Twitter Chat: What does it mean to lead, in a networked enterprise? #msloc430

Coffee pie HiveLet’s assume we are enthusiasts for the organizational vision – and change – associated with the potential of embracing enterprise social networking as core to our enterprise.

We get it. We get that it’s not just about the technology. That it’s about gaining real value from weak network ties, from serendipity, from diverse ideas and knowledge, from community and relationships. And we get that networks are both more adaptive and more resilient than hierarchies in the face of the complex world in which we live.

Let’s also assume that we all see ourselves as leaders of this change, and that we are working hard to further develop our capabilities as leaders. What, then, does it mean to:

  • Lead as an individual evangelist/change agent?
  • Lead from the middle – as a manager, team leader or other formal role where we have some control over resources and people’s activities?
  • Lead from the executive level?

At each of these levels, how do we lead? What new – or enhanced – capabilities do we need? What do we need to be aware of – in our role as leaders – that can make us more (or less) effective? How do we, as leaders, think about our online presence and identity – given the visibility we gain through enterprise social networking platforms?

Join me and 16 members of my graduate course (MSLOC 430 Creating and Sharing Knowledge) as we explore these questions in an hour-long Twitter chat beginning at 8 pm CT (U.S.) on Tuesday, May 20. Hashtag is #msloc430.

See results and insight from a previous chat on adoption strategies for enterprise social networking. I’ll post a similar summary here.

You can also see more about MSLOC 430 bloggers, Twitter chats and open discussions that have been a part of the MSLOC 430 class experience during the past couple of years.


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  1. This sounds fascinating Jeff! Look forward to checking it out and joining in (timezone permitting…actually let me check that now…!).


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