Measuring activity, outcomes and value in social technology platforms #mslocjam

Key #mslocjam questions concerning measurement include:

Adoption and other basic usage metrics are interesting but certainly leave us wanting more. We are familiar with the work of Etienne Wenger-Traynor, Beverly Wenger-Traynor and Maarten de Laat and their evaluation framework for assessing value of communities and networks — and this seems to move us to a more useful narrative connecting short term, measurable activities to downstream outcomes. Are there success stories using the Wenger-Traynor et al approach – and what have we learned from those stories?

Are there other measurement approaches that show promise?

For these topics we are interested in hearing about effective practices or innovative new approaches. We are particularly interested in your more reflective thinking — based on your own experiences in working to help organizations become more connected and open in their knowledge sharing, what insights do you draw?

Share your insights as a comment or point us to other resources.