Implementation of new social technology platforms #mslocjam

Key #mslocjam questions concerning implementation of social technology platforms include:

How do you deal with issues related to scope? Pros/cons of going enterprise-wide vs. starting with smaller segments where there may be high energy around adoption. And if you opt for a strategy to begin with a smaller segment — what’s the right size? And what is the right pace for rolling out to the larger enterprise?

How do you think about integrating platforms within an enterprise? In some cases it seems clear that a new, enterprise wide platform could replace disparate systems that may have outlived their value. On the other end of the continuum, however, is the downside of trying to force-fit all work activity into one platform. How do you think about striking the right balance here?

For these topics we are interested in hearing about effective practices or innovative new approaches. We are particularly interested in your more reflective thinking — based on your own experiences in working to help organizations become more connected and open in their knowledge sharing, what insights do you draw?

Share your insights as a comment or point us to other resources.

4 thoughts on “Implementation of new social technology platforms #mslocjam

    1. I really like his approach here and tend to agree with the idea of starting with a ‘pilot’ group so that create stories to build a stronger business case for inviting the larger organization. However, I am not sure onboarding fits the ‘starting small’ category for me because it effectively touches almost all of the organization. If you don’t get the teams of new hires engaged, then the new hire loses sight quickly of the tool and it’s benefit. I would prefer to see how his approach would look for a specific business team looking at a specific business issue to see how it flushes out. I think it would work great.


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