Pinching my digital networked learning self

From my MOOCing blog. Thinking out loud about digital networked learning and identify.

Jeff Merrell

large_2932097858This week’s topic in #edcmooc is “reasserting the human” – a look at various responses to the apparent threat to humanity posed by the ever-increasing presence (intrusion?) of technology. It’s an interesting setup; forcing a debate on what, in fact, does it mean to be human? What are the most fundamental, essential elements that make us human? And for educators – what does it mean as we look at technology and learning?

Of interest to me are two ideas that emerge from this consideration: 1) identity and 2) embodied knowledge. I am struggling to find a proper understanding of both in hopes that it will lead to a deeper synthesis of ideas in relation to my own work in technology and learning.

Digital identity has been on my mind of late (see Personal brand and digital identity: Which I am I? for example). And it came to mind again in…

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