An exercise in taming the firehose

Two strategies are becoming favorites for dealing with the information firehose – that feeling that I’m missing something important in the high-pressure stream. One comes from former colleague Jack Vinson, whose post from a year ago suggests that we just reframe the issue. If you are trying to take it all in, you’re probably sunk. But if you have a question in mind – something specific you are thinking about or looking for – you tend to find stuff.

Strategy two is just to enjoy the stream and jump in when your eye catches something of interest. For me, it seems to be a cleverly worded post headline – something that suggests an interesting personality behind the post. Or sometimes just a hint of a topic that is intriguing. Or a point of view that differs from mine (this one is one which I am training myself to pay more attention to).

But either way, the two strategies work in the sense that they dial down the stress that I am missing something. Of course I am missing something. Some people, I am sure, capture much more than I do. I’ve just become satisfied with working a bit at a time, improving from my own baseline, and enjoying the new stuff I do discover.

4 thoughts on “An exercise in taming the firehose

    1. Thanks Vanessa. Great phrase that – intuitively navigating chaos. There is something inviting about allowing yourself to just let the stream flow and pay attention to whatever intuition tells you might be interesting.


  1. Thanks for posting your personal process. It is helpful to hear how others approach the wave of information and participation.


    1. Been interesting following the conversation around this whole topic. I am now becoming much more aware of the power of questions in this scenario, thanks to you and Stacy.


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